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Slimpod is medically endorsed and clinically proven
Slimpod takes the hard work and the willpower out of losing weight because it's not a diet.  Slimpod is the weight loss revolution that NHS nurses are raving about and you to can sample the magic for 10 days FREE OF CHARGE with no obligation to continue.
No obligation to continue when trial ends, no  contract to tie you in. Leave when you like
This offer is exclusive and is for a limited time only. 
Clinically proven, medically endorsed, used by NHS doctors and nurses
In clinical trials, nine out of 10 people lost weight
An NHS consultant describes Slimpod's effects as "profound and life-changing"
Finally...those answers you've been looking for
With Slimpod you’ll FINALLY have the answers to your biggest questions:

HOW can I lose weight if I don’t have willpower?

HOW can I get my missing motivation back?

HOW can I stop these cravings for sugar?

 HOW can I stop snacking between meals?

 HOW can I stop eating when I’m bored, anxious or lonely?

You’ll finally have the plan you’ve been looking for. 
As seen on TV's
How To Lose Weight Well programme
What if you could lose weight without dieting or willpower – and you could keep it off for good? Wouldn’t it be great if you could live a life where consistent healthy eating is second nature, day after day? It’s time to be kind to yourself and end your fights with diets forever!

In just 9 MINUTES a day of easy relaxed listening, my medically-recommended and clinically-proven Slimpod programme – which featured in Channel 4’s How To Lose Weight Well series – will retrain your brain so that healthy eating becomes an automatic habit…giving you lasting freedom from food and dieting. 

Over 35 years of expertise and experience have gone into this cutting-edge neuroscience-based technique, which had a 95 per cent success rate in clinical trials.
No obligation to continue when trial ends, no contract to tie you in. 
You Really Do Have Nothing To Lose But Those Pounds!
Slimpod is a 12-week audio/visual transformation programme which has all your weight loss and wellbeing needs in one easy-to-use app.  You'll have modern and seamless digital neuroscience tools  at your fingertips plus video coaching and caring support wherever you are, whenever you need it.

There's absolutely no obligation to continue when the 10-day trial ends. But I'm confident you'll love it!


You get FREE, full and instant access for 10 days to four audio pods - plus access to my personal video coaching programme which is valued at £2,000. By giving your credit card details you start the programme off but we don't take any money during the 10-day trial.


At the end of the trial you can choose to cancel everything, of course. If you don't we'll take the first of three monthly payments of just £39.99 - less than a Starbucks a day! There's nothing more to pay after three months...Slimpod is yours to use for life. 


At any time during the next 30 days, if you're not totally happy with your Slimpod we'll refund your £39.99 right away and cancel everything. No quibbles, no fuss, no hard feelings. That's our cast-iron 100 per cent risk-free guarantee to you.
Your No Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident you'll be delighted with your Slimpod I'm giving you my 100% money back guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied in the first 30 days, I'll give you a full refund.
No quibbles, No hassle. 
A no brainer, in fact!
- Slimpod creator Sandra
Kerry's 10-day miracle
Save yourself £££s!
The 12-week Slimpod transformation programme normally costs £147. Start your FREE 10-day trial today and if you continue, all you'll pay is three instalments of £39.99, saving you £27. That's it - no hidden extras ! Nothing more to pay!

This offer is exclusive and is for a limited time only. You won't find it on my website.
No obligation to continue when trial ends, no contract to tie you in. Leave when you like
Slimpod creator
sandra roycroft-davis
My passion is helping people find the way to health, hope and happiness
Do you really want to let food continue to rule your life?
 Imagine what life will be like if you don't enrol in a Slimpod programme today. You'll still be in the same miserable place, trying diet after diet and still not keeping the weight off.

 Food will still control every waking moment, with cravings and snacks filling you with guilt and that awful feeling of failure. 

 You'll still be wearing dark, dowdy clothes to hide your bulges and you'll be watching slimmer people leading fuller, more rewarding lives packed with joy and boundless energy.

 You'll be a few more pounds closer to those health dangers you dread, like diabetes and heart problems. 

 This is the choice facing you today - take an exciting risk-free step towards a better future or stay stuck in the same old rut for ever.

No obligation to continue when trial ends, no contract to tie you in. Leave when you like
This offer is for a limited time only. You won't find it on my website.
While the weight loss results shown here are typical, they are not guaranteed results. Individual weight loss results, amount and time duration will vary.
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